Number Name of Repo Description
1 forensics setup An open source project aimed to replicate the Windows SIFT Machine used during SANS Courses minus any payware software. This aims to install the same tools forensics analysts have trained with during their SANS Course, or to quickly prepare for a CTF, as there does not appear to be a similar VM available Open Source.
2 Windows setup A Set of scripts to setup various windows machines with common packages
3 Linux setup A Set of scripts to setup various Linux machines with common packages and my shell customisation
4 Student - Linux Course The student resources for some Linux training I have developed, The password for the student scripts are available upon request via Reddit
5 Instructor - Linux Course The instructor resources form some Linux training I have developed. This set’s up the instructor’s laptop.
6 SUOPE A modified python exploit for CVE-2018-15473 that will enumerate valid users then spray passwords at a vulnerable SSH Server. With an MIT Licence as it’s a POC for my University Studies. The original exploit was published by Justin Gardner, Penetration Tester @ SynerComm AssureIT - GitHub:
7 Ubuntu-Live A is a Set of Shell Scripts and files based upon the Ubuntu documentation at this is designed to work with bionic, and is only for creating a standalone live USB or CD that has a light version of Ubuntu on there.
8 YMML-Lights Adds Lighting to Melbourne Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 as there is no lighting in default airports. The project has been created manually, whilst trying to align the location of lights with Google Earth.