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DFIR Playbook - Disk Images

4 minute read

Introduction This post aims to replicate my physical playbook on Disk Images and includes the following tools

Reverse Engineering Crypto Keys - WIP Notes

3 minute read

Preface I am by no means a programming, or RE expert. But I’m going to have a go at explaining the issue of finding the needle in a haystack of an XOR key us...

Full Featured IDE For Bash Scripting

less than 1 minute read

Introduction I’ve had a few colleagues ask me how I have a full featured Bash IDE for courses I have developed; So I thought i’d make a post to show people h...

Analysing a VMWare Memory image with volatility

2 minute read

Introduction I found recently during a CTF Memory image challenge, that analysing memory images from VMWare wasn’t necessarily as easy as just having the rig...

OSCP Notes

3 minute read

Introduction A tabled summary of common commands used